Lester Tattersall DipTrans CIOL

Specialising solely in Spanish & English


Brought up in Lancashire, England.


Subsequently lived in Spain for 33 years.


Gained a knowledge of Spanish comparable to that of a native speaker.


Qualified as a translator (1993) in the DipTrans examinations held by the (Chartered) Institute of Linguists, 'English into Spanish'.


The CIOL DipTrans is a professional qualification, recognised both nationally and internationally by the translation industry and set at Level 7 (Master’s).


 Photos: (above right) Lester, visiting his ancestral home

              (below) Lester again, interpreting on the BBC



Completed translation assignments for many prestigious translation agencies – Lingo 24, Wolfestone and Lexicon, among others.


Experienced in many different fields, particularly contracts and legal translation.


Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists No. 28846 


Professional risk insurance by Trafalgar Risk Management.


GDPR certified.


Rates from £50-£60 per 1000 words.


lesterwt@tattersalltranslation.uk Tel.: (44) 01695 555354

Address: 4 Earhart Cl. Skelmersdale, England